Resort Map

Highway 49 / Golden Chain Highway is along the east side of Tall Pines Estates. Entrance to the resort is along the south side of the property and lots 1 -23 are along the east side of the property near Highway 49. The Tall Pines clubhouse and pool are between lots 4 and 6 with parking along the front and north-side of the clubhouse. Lots 24 through 35 are along Lode Line Way at the north-most of the property. Lots 36 through 48 along the western-most side of the property along Meda Way and 3 Sevens Place, with lots 49 -54 around the curve of Meda Way. Lots 69 through 96 are in the middle of the property surrounded by Meda Way to the west and south, Golden Star Road to the east, and Golden Rock Place to the north.